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Tyson Fury reveals his plan to take part in a series of exhibition bouts

Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury reveals his plan to take part in a series of exhibition bouts. Tyson Fury is planning to face Mike Tyson, Lennox Lewis, Dwayne Johnson, and Francis Ngannou in an exhibition. He decided to fight against the winner of Joshua vs. Usyk for the undisputed heavyweight title.

Tyson Fury reveals his plan to take part in a series of exhibition bouts
Tyson Fury

After knocking out WBC interim heavyweight champion Dillian Whyte in April in front of a record audience at Wimbledon, Tyson Fury said he would give rest to his gloves. Since then, Fury didn’t say anything about returning to boxing. And finally, on Wednesday, in a morning interview, Fury reveals his plan to participate in a series of exhibition bouts and his intent to fight the Joshua vs. Usyk match-winner.

Fury is the greatest boxer in this era, and their retirement news shocked everyone. He said in April, after defeating Whyte, that he had fought and achieved enough, and now time to take a rest. Fury’s announcement stunned his fans cause Fury is not a person who would go to retirement this soon.

Since Fury’s statement about leaving the boxing ring, he has kept silent till today. Most people didn’t believe that Fury would end his career now since the beginning. The funny thing is that Fury expressed his returning plan in a way that he was keeping a huge secret all along. This was probably the worst secret reveal in boxing history.

Anyway, Fury’s first plan is to go for exhibition bouts. He will fight against some of the biggest names in the whole world. Fury’s exhibition fight list holds the names boxing, MMA, wrestling, and even the name of Hollywood celebrity actors.

For the exhibition bout, Fury is setting a plan to fight against the legendary boxer Mike Tyson and Lennox Lewis. Fury also mentioned the name of the MMA fighter superstar Francis Ngannou for his series bout.

Fury’s most hyped-created name is the Hollywood biggest celebrity and former wrestler Dwayne Johnson aka “The Rock.” Seeing the clash of The Rock vs. Gypsy King will be one of the experiences of watching the most thrilling fight.

On Wednesday, Fury appeared in an interview session on Good Morning Britain. There he says about exhibition bouts, “This is not professional boxing, this is pure entertainment – Hollywood-style entertainment. That is all it is. Nothing more, nothing less.”

“The difference with the exhibition is you’re not there to win or lose – you’re there to enjoy it, have a good time, and put a show on for the fans.”

He also added, “You can fight old-timers, famous people, or whoever you want. So I am looking at fighting Mike Tyson, Lennox Lewis, Frank Bruno, even someone like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, that would be fantastic.”

Tyson Fury’s bout against the winner of the Joshua vs. Usyk clash:

Besides the exhibition fight plan, Fury finally reveals the fight news everyone wanted to hear. He finally decided to take on the Joshua vs. Usyk fight champions.

Joshua vs. Usyk bout will take place on August 20; it’s the upcoming most anticipated fight. Per the Sportsmail report, Fury is negotiating a seat at a meeting for his clash against the Joshua vs. Usyk rematch winner. The bout will probably take place in December for the undisputed world heavyweight title.

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