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How Many Players are on a College Football Team

How Many Players are on a College Football Team

A college football team typically consists of around 100 players. College football teams typically have a roster of approximately 100 players.   These teams are made up of both scholarship and walk-on players, with each position requiring multiple players to provide depth and maintain a competitive edge. The size of a college football team allows for various roles, including quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers, offensive linemen, defensive linemen, linebackers, defensive backs, and special teams players.   The large number of players ensures that teams have enough personnel to compete effectively in games, withstand injuries, and provide ample opportunity for development and growth within the program. Each player contributes to the team’s success and plays a vital role in achieving their goals on the football field.  

The Standard Roster Size

The Standard Roster Size
The typical roster size for a college football team can vary depending on several factors. These factors include NCAA regulations regarding roster size and scholarship limits, as well as the resources available to the program. Generally, a college football team will have around 85 scholarship players. However, this number can fluctuate due to factors such as redshirting and attrition. Redshirting allows players to sit out a year while still retaining their eligibility, which can impact the overall roster size. Additionally, injuries and transfers can also influence the number of players on a team. It’s important to note that while 85 scholarships are allowed, some programs may choose not to utilize all of them, either due to financial constraints or strategic reasons. Overall, the number of players on a college football team is carefully managed to ensure a competitive and cohesive roster.

Offense, Defense, And Special Teams

Offense, Defense, and Special Teams

Different position groups on a college football team

  • Quarterbacks
  • Running Backs
  • Wide Receivers
  • Tight Ends
  • Offensive Linemen
  • Defensive Linemen
  • Linebackers
  • Cornerbacks
  • Safeties
  • Kickers
  • Punters
  • Return Specialists
  • Long Snappers

The number of players typically needed for each position group

  • Offense: Each position group usually requires a specific number of players, such as one quarterback, multiple running backs, wide receivers, tight ends, and offensive linemen.
  • Defense: Similar to offense, each position group on defense has a specific number of players, including defensive linemen, linebackers, cornerbacks, and safeties.
  • Special Teams: Depending on the team’s strategy and personnel, various players are required for special teams positions, which can include kickers, punters, return specialists, and long snappers.
Having a strong and diverse roster is crucial for a college football team. Depth is important in each position group, as injuries or fatigue during games can greatly affect performance. With a sufficient number of players in offense, defense, and special teams, teams can better handle unexpected situations and make strategic adjustments on the field. Teams must carefully recruit and develop players in order to maintain the necessary depth in each position group throughout the season.

Managing The Roster

College football teams have varying numbers of players on their rosters, and managing these rosters is a crucial task for coaches. One strategy commonly used is redshirting, which allows players to extend their eligibility by sitting out a season. Redshirting helps teams maintain a large roster size, as players who redshirt do not count towards the official team count. This enables coaches to balance current needs while also planning for future recruiting. Another important aspect for managing the roster is striking a balance between the present and the future. Coaches must consider their team’s immediate needs and also plan for future seasons by recruiting talented players who can contribute in the long term. By employing these strategies, coaches can effectively maintain the roster and ensure their teams are prepared for each season’s challenges.  
How Many Players are on a College Football Team

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How Many Players Are On A D1 Football Team?

  A D1 football team typically has around 85 players. It is the highest level of college football and requires a significant roster to account for different positions and roles on the field.   Read More: What is a Crystal Ball in College Football?  

How Many Player Can A College Football Team Have?

  A college football team can have up to 85 players.  

What Is The Maximum Number Of Players Allowed On A Football Team?

  A football team typically allows a maximum of 11 players on the field at a time.  

Why Are There 53 Players On A Football Team?

  A football team has 53 players to ensure there are enough players for different positions and backups. This allows for a balanced team with specialized skills and provides depth in case of injuries or substitutions.  


  To sum up, the number of players on a college football team typically varies; however, the NCAA allows a maximum of 85 players on scholarship for Division I teams. This includes both incoming freshmen and returning players. The exact size of the team may also depend on factors such as budget, coaching preferences, and team strategy.   Ultimately, the goal is to build a well-rounded and competitive roster to ensure success on the field.