How to Watch MXGP of Switzerland 2023: Schedule, Track, TV, and Live Stream

MXGP of Switzerland 2023: Schedule, Track, TV, and Live Stream

How to Watch MXGP of Switzerland 2023: Schedule, Track, TV, and Live Stream.

FIM Motocross World Championship is heading to Switzerland for its next event of the 2023 season. Read to learn about the upcoming MXGP of Switzerland 2023 here.




MXGP of Switzerland 2023The Swiss MXGP is an annual professional motocross racing event. Scheduled for this Monday, the event will be his third in the ongoing 2023 Motocross World Championship season.

The event has long been part of the FIM’s annual tour. But it hasn’t been on the annual calendar for the past four years. MXGP of Switzerland 2023 is back to a regular event.

In the upcoming third phase, he will race in two different classes: MXGP, MX2, and EMX250. A total of 48 professional bikers entered his MXPG discipline. The MX2 and EMX250 have 38 and 99 bikers respectively.

In addition to the Motocross World Championships, the event in Switzerland also hosts the Women’s WMX competition. It is held under the Women’s Motocross World Championship. A total of 50 female professional bikers entered.

Here is more information about upcoming editions of his favorite MXGP annual series event in Argentina.

MXGP of Switzerland 2023 Schedule:


  • Date: Monday, April 10, 2023
  • Time: 08:15 a.m. ET

The upcoming edition of the Switzerland MXGP competition starts this Monday, April 10, 2023. The main MXGP race of the event starts at 08:15 a.m. ET. / will start at 02:15 PM. CEST Here is the complete list of event schedules –


Discipline Round Time (ET)
MXGP Warm-up 04:45 a.m.
Race 1 08:15 a.m.
Race 2 11:10 a.m.
MX2 Warm-up 04:25 a.m.
Race 1 07:15 a.m.
Race 2 10:10 a.m.
EMX125 Race 05:30 a.m.
WMX Race 03:45 a.m.

Where will the Race event be held?


  • Course: Motocross Track Frauenfeld – Gachnang
  • Location: Switzerland

The MXGP of Switzerland 2023 motocross track will be held at Frauenfeld – Gachnang. A professional FIM motocross track for both MXGP and MX2 events The course is located near Frauenfeld, Switzerland.


How to watch MXGP of Switzerland 2023 on TV?


  • CBS Sports
  • Eurosport

CBS Sports Network, MXGP’s official US broadcast partner, will provide live coverage of the upcoming events in the United States. Eurosport will broadcast the event live on Eurosport 2 in the UK and the rest of Europe.


How to Live Stream MXGP of Switzerland 2023?


  • CBS Sports Network
  • Fox Sports

CBS Sports Network will offer live streaming of the Swiss MXGP in the US. Similarly, Fox Sports will offer online streaming of events in the UK and France. Fans from all regions can access a live stream of the event on MXGP TV, the FIM’s official motocross streaming platform. There are no additional charges or geographic restrictions.


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