How to pick yourself up after an Eagles loss

How to pick yourself up after an Eagles loss

How to pick yourself up after an Eagles loss.


Eagles lossThis year’s Super Bowl was one of the most exciting and closely contested on record, with the three-time champion Kansas City Chiefs defeating the Philadelphia Eagles for the third Super Bowl all-time.

Ultimately, the Chiefs prevailed 38-35 in a truly thrilling matchup that combined drama, high-quality gameplay, and controversy to devastating effect.

Dominant Chiefs quarterback and MVP Patrick Mahomes also starred, and although he left the field at halftime with a pre-existing injury, he later returned to lead his team to a memorable win.

However, a failed attempt to win a second Super Bowl left Eagles fans emotionally drained after an outstanding campaign. But how do you pick yourself back up after a loss and banish those lingering blues? Discover!




#1. Maintain Perspective and Focus


Even if you choose to watch the 2023 Super Bowl as an Eagles fan, the fact that the game ended in a heartbreaking loss will likely truly devastate you.

Regardless, the loss won’t completely overshadow the Eagles’ excellent 2022 campaign, which saw them clinch the National Football Conference East Division with a club record 14 regular season wins.


More impressively, they started 8-0 for the first time in franchise history, with successive wins against the Green Bay Packers, New York Giants, and Chicago Bears helping them to a 13-1 record after 14 outings. It was another franchise high, with a 22-16 win over the Giants in Week 18 clinching the Eagles’ first NFC East title since 2017 (when they also reclaimed their only Super Bowl crown).


The Eagles also earned their first divisional win of the season since 2018, when they beat the Giants 38-7. It set the stage for an impressive 3-0 run against New York, who advanced to the NFC championship for the first time since winning the Super Bowl.


When viewed in their full context, the Eagles have enjoyed a record-breaking an outstanding season, which bodes well for the future. Even a narrow, lopsided Super Bowl loss shouldn’t deter them, especially considering the quality of their opponent and quarterback Mahomes.


#2. Stay Active and Eat Well


If you’re still struggling to deal with the loss of an eagle, it’s imperative that you get active and engage in at least some exercise.


Whether this involves regular walking or sees you completing high-intensity sprints and circuits is irrelevant, as the key is to stay active, get plenty of fresh air, and benefit from exercise as a way to boost your mental well-being.


Even short 10-minute exercises can be beneficial, especially when practiced in the morning, afternoon, and evening. You can combine these short, tailored workouts with your breakfast, lunch, and afternoon meals, making sure your daily work schedule isn’t disrupted too much.


Of course, exercise and diet go hand-in-hand, so you need to make sure you’re eating well and staying hydrated throughout the day. It can be tough when you’re feeling emotionally battered after investing so much in the Eagles’ campaign and their quest for success, but that’s where focus and a disciplined mindset come into play.


If you’re really struggling, try to avoid alcohol or at least the amount you normally drink during the week. Of course, it’s normal to increase your alcohol intake during times of emotional distress, but it’s a known depression that will increase your feelings of sadness and anxiety.


Instead, drink more water, focus on eating right, and stay active, because you want to take your time and reset your thinking before the new season kicks in!




#3. Find a Way to Channel your Frustration



Exercise is a good way to channel your frustration and negative energy after a significant defeat, although those of you with a depressed or anxious mindset are more likely to turn to alcohol to numb your negative feelings.


Don’t forget to pursue hobbies you love. While it may sound bitter, sometimes just getting distracted is the best thing you can do. You can go to a different game, meet your friends for a beer or, if you’re not feeling social, you can spend some time at the higher-paying online casino (provided you’re betting on eagles again).


Ultimately, you need to focus on accepting your feelings and consider more positive and proactive ways to process them as you identify effective and beneficial ways to channel your anger. In addition to exercise, you may want to focus on spending more quality time with your family or sinking your teeth into a challenging and rewarding work project. Or you can make time to pursue a hobby you love, whether it’s creative writing or your favorite sport.


It will also help fill the gaps during the NFL preseason and keep your thoughts from drifting back to that little loss in February.


Again, this process begins when you accept your feelings and try to develop a more forward-thinking mindset, as this allows you to look forward and consign the Eagles’ Super Bowl loss to history!



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